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SpamBlock – An Additional Product for a Peace of Mind

June 27, 2016 in Press Releases by Derrick Koo

The worldwide epidemic of spamming activities is growing day by day. It is getting harder to avoid spam and Shinjiru understands the risks that spam brings to their customers.

In October 2016, Shinjiru has launched a new product – SpamBlock – an elegant solution for a messy issue. With a very descriptive name this product provides strong anti-spam protection as well as malware detection tool.

The problem with spam today is that it creates the vulnerabilities and can lead to email hacking.

“Surprisingly not many people realize the dangers of spam and how damaging it can be to a business”, says Wallace Wong (Business Development Lead at Shinjiru). “SpamBlock is a hidden gem that can save companies from financial and time losses”.

SpamBlock’s smart self-leaning engine identifies potentially harmful emails and stops spam from getting into customer’s inbox. Additionally, it provides immense advantage with outgoing filters and ensures positive reputation of your emails.

Shinjiru customers have a choice of applying SpamBlock to whole domains or to separate mailboxes, which allows flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

You may find out more information about the SpamBlock by visiting our website : Link